La Spiumatrice, attrezzi per piccoli macelli avicoli

slaughter tank type: sc/un

Vasca di sgozzatura

slaughter BLOOD-DRAIN complete with a blood collector

Equipped with different cones size according to the dimensions of the animals.

After have mounted the four cones suitable for the animal to bleed, introduce the stunned animal in the cone and proceed with the slaughter and bleeding.

The blood draining will be collect in an inclined basin that takes him into a container, lets clean the workplace.

The supplied cones allow the slaughter of all type of poultry, from quail to turkey. It is not required maintenance except cleaning with water throw at the end of use.


  • universal: suitable from quail to turkey
  • cones rapidly interchangeable
  • complete with blood collection tray
  • not dirty

technical features

interchangeable cones
bllod drip tray

LENGHT 45 cm
WIDTH 95 cm
HEIGHT 160 cm
WEIGHT 15 kg